1. What is the cost of WARM?
  2. You have a choice:

    • You may purchase WARM to install on your site (called a owner license):
    • You pay a one time fee for an owner license of WARM.

      • Call us for Pricing info

    • You may purchase WARM, but have it installed on our site (called a hosting license).
    • You pay the one time fee (see owner license fee above) plus you pay a monthly hosting fee:

      • Call us for Pricing info

  • Is there a difference in the capabilities between the licenses?
  • The only difference is that you get a built in secure server with either the hosting license.

  • What is a secure server and why would I need to use it?
  • Your customers demand that when they enter in sensitive informtion such as credit card numbers of the internet, that they be protect while in transit from their machine to your server.  Using a secure server allows you to safely accept credit cards over the internet.

  • How do I obtain a secure server?
  • If you host WARM on our Domain,, you have access to a secure server, otherwise you must obtain a secure server for secure transactions either from you ISP or an Internet Transaction Processing company.  The costs involved vary greatly, but are in the neighborhood of $30/month plus a $50 set up fee.

  • Do I have to have use secure transactions?
  • No, If you do not want to accept credit cards over the internet (or do not have a secure server) just leave the item "SECURE PAYMENT URL" empty and the secure transaction will be skipped.

  • If I purchase your owner license version of WARM, is there an additional monthly charge or is this a one-time payment?
  • No.  There is no additional charge.

  • What are the system requirements?
  • WARM requires a web server and less than three meg of disk space. WARM runs on both a UNIX and NT system, but we recommend Unix.
    In general if the system meets the requirements of a Web Server, it meets the requirements of WARM.

    You must also have perl installed on the Web Server.

  • Can you host my web page on your site?
  • Yes.

  • Can WARM handle a larger hotels?
  • We are in the process of integrating this capability.  It allows larger hotels to define classes of rooms (e.g. "Single", "Double", "Suite", etc.) instead of actual room names.

  • Is WARM something that my design company can easily add to my page?
  • YES, installing and configuring WARM to become a part of your existing site is very easy. WARM can be configured completely on line without a detailed knowledge of HTML.

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