We are in the process of reorganizing WARM sales. We have a new domain that can be used to host the WARM reservation software. This gives our customers several benefits:

First, there are no setup or ISP concerns. The software is set up and ready for you to use as soon as your register with us.

Second, you still have 100% configuration control. The software still takes on the look and feel of your internet website. You have administrative control of the site, without the initial setup or CGI setup concerns.

This has given us the freedom to offer several licensing options for our customers.

We can now offer you the use of the WARM reservation system free of any initial licensing fees. You can use the software to display your room availability and never pay any fee. You are only charged a fee when WARM generates a sale for you.

Later, if you want to purchase a license for WARM you can transfer your transaction based license to an owner license. You pay no transaction fee for an owner license, just the one time fee for the license. You can convert your transaction based license to an owner license at any time. At the time you purchase an owner license, you may install WARM on your own ISP or leave WARM on our site and pay only $15.00/month site fee. Either way, you pay no further fees for each reservation made through WARM.

We have not advertised this service because we are still setting up the automatic installation software. In the future you will be able to fill out a form and instantly begin using your transaction based reservation WARM license on At the moment, you must allow us to perform the installation of your transaction base license.

In summary, we are now offering a free transaction base license of WARM. You pay only when WARM generates a sale for your establishment. You can use WARM to display your establishment's availability for free.

If you are interested in this service please contact us at the following email address We will provide further details of this service at that time.

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