For the customer, WARM offers a fast, convenient way to plan that getaway weekend -- from the privacy of their home, anytime of the day or night, from anywhere in the world. For you, the B&B owner, WARM means being able to manage reservations completely on the Internet with easy-to-use software for a fraction of the cost of other competing products. No more hassles, mistakes, time wasted. How about being able to plan up to a decade ahead? Here are our top 10 features.

  1. With WARM, all you need is a dial-up Internet connection to run your entire reservation system on the Web.
  2. Don't have a Web site? We can set up WARM for you at our own secure site.
  3. WARM is completely configurable, can be easily integrated to look and feel just like the rest of your Web site, and can be set up in less than a half hour. Installation help is also available.
  4. WARM's operation is intuitive and is handled through any Web browser.
  5. WARM can be installed on a secure server and the administration area is always password-protected.
  6. WARM does all the work for you, saving both you and your customers time. No more duplicates or double bookings.
  7. Like any serious reservation system, WARM accepts credit card, FAX, phone or U.S. postal payment methods and can easily handle cancellations, special occasions, deposits and other requests.
  8. You and your prospective visitors can look up the status of a room up to 10 years into the future, one month at a time.
  9. WARM automatically personalizes all communications with your customers and generates a payment form that can be printed, FAXed or mailed.
  10. With WARM, you can collect invaluable data about your customers to keep in touch with them with a free marketing tool: email.

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