Let's have some fun with the fictitious establishments's we've put together to showcase the benefits of being WARM.

Bed & Breakfasts:
Visit James and Pamela's Guest House, where you sit among the beautiful oaks and can browse the rooms online. Catch some rainbow trout B&B Kathy's Creekside B & B and see how comfortable it is to pay for a room online. The Herrmann Inn offers a taste of Dripping Springs in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, but be forewarned: You'll find yourself wanting to make a reservation.

Small Hotel:
If you visit Texas A&M University, you'll want to stay at the Aggie Inn.

Helicopter Tour:
Want to take a helicopter tour of Hawaii? Try Tim's Helicopters.

Remember, these are actual sites we found but we've changed the names of the innocent -- all share the same unmodified WARM software; only their configuration files are different. To demo the administrative functions, use these passwords: (username: warm) (password: admin)
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