The Internet is the fastest growing mass medium in history. Web usage is doubling every 100 days. The travel industry accounts for the largest single portion, one third, of Internet Sales. Put WARM to work for you and take advantage of this huge new market, today. With WARM as your reservation assistant, your reservation system is available to your guests night and day, managing your rooms, accepting payment, fielding special requests, attracting new and repeat business. Here's why WARM makes sense:

Benefits for the business owner

  1. You have a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week management office without having to be there.
  2. You can make a sale instantly, while your customer is looking at your site.
  3. Your long distance phone bill costs will drop as more and more people bookmark your site and tell their friends.
  4. This is one reservation system that Does not require complicated or expensive hardware.
  5. Your customer never leaves your site to make a reservation as with other commission-based products.
  6. You own it. No commissions, no hidden on-going fees.
  7. Room status is always available on-line. Prevents those calls asking you if you have a room available on Valentine's Day.
  8. WARM is so easy to update, easy to reserve, easy to use that you will never make mistakes booking guests again.
Benefits for the clientele

  1. Guests can, at their own pace, in the privacy of their own home or office, browse your room selection and make a reservation whenever they want, effectively immediately.
  2. You are saving potential guests valuable time.
  3. Customers can check on the status of a room whenever they want.

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